Unique concert at the Whale Theater

Pianist Jack Byrne will celebrate how the video game industry challenged the traditional structures of music at the Whale Theater on Sunday, November 21st.

ame music has opened new doors for musicians to explore and is growing in popularity among concertgoers. The critically acclaimed pianist and aspiring video game music composer will offer a unique, mind-blowing and exciting concert experience that players and music fans will surely enjoy.

Combining his love of acting with his love of video games, Jack will perform piano arrangements of popular video game scores while showing a compilation of game clips played on Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and beyond. The piano works featured in this one-hour-long single special will include music from the video game franchises ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts’, as well as ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’.

The show begins at 6pm on Sunday 21 November at the Greystones Whale Theater. Tickets cost € 10 and are available at whaletheatre.ie. You can also contact the Whale Theater reservations office on 01 201 0550.

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