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The Met Office predicts parts of the UK will be affected by “little snow and sleet” in the morning before a weekend change to “a rather colder weather” and a “risk of ice”. A Met Office spokesman said the British should prepare for the first “ice risk” this autumn as temperatures drop to a single digit.

Talking to, the spokesman warned: “There could be a risk of ice in the early hours of Sunday, which is not something we really saw this fall.”

This is also expected to bring “a colder setup at least early next week.”

He added: “Over the weekend we will see a change in much colder weather, especially on Saturday at the last minute in the north of Scotland and probably in the middle and late hours of Sunday morning in the south of England.”

This could be accompanied by “winter rains” and light snow.

Accuweather added: “As for the longer range, it seems likely that much colder air will cover the UK from Thursday 26th and will continue until the weekend of 27th and 28th. Probably periods of rain and snow during that time with snow levels. falling “.

In Scotland this could see temperatures reaching -1 ° C at night.

The weekend forecast follows snow and snow warnings north of the English border.

In a social media update, the Met Office said the UK will face “a cold start on Wednesday morning”.

In a separate post, they added: “Wednesday’s # 4cast brings a little more sunshine compared to the last few days.

“The sun will mix with showers in the north, bringing some snow and sleet over the Scottish Highlands.”

Accuweather expects “snow showers generally above 900 meters in the early hours of the morning and until Wednesday with 2-6 cms above 1,000 meters with temperatures close to 0ºC”.

The UK is also expected to have a warmer end for this week.

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London is expected to reach highs of 13 degrees Celsius and Aberdeen could reach temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius on Thursday and Friday, despite snow and sleet affecting Scotland today.

Despite the risk of ice over the weekend, the Met Office spokesman stressed that this is not too rare for November.

“But again it’s nothing atypical for mid-November,” he said.

“For now, certainly early next week, the risk of winter danger is quite low.”

The Met Office spokesman also said so it’s too early to know if a drop in temperatures next week could lead to a new freeze.

“I think the air will be cold enough for some snow, especially for the Scottish Highlands … but the jury is still up for details,” he said.

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Although snow is expected to fall in Scotland, the Met Office spokesman said the British should not rule out snow in the north of England.

“Let’s not completely discount the risk of snow next week,” he said.

“It is not completely out of the question.

“But the risk is lower the further south you get.”

Over the past few days, the Meteorological Office has warned that the UK will be affected by “patches of dense fog locally”.

However, although the British in the south could expect some fog, the winds are expected to be “too strong” for fog to form over the weekend.

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