Tuesday night’s UK press release: Azeem Rafiq’s tearful testimony

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Russian relations | Germany has suspended the certification process for the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia, something Vladimir Putin will likely see as a hostile move that could fuel growing tensions with the West. Editor of Europe James Crisp explains how the pipe, which would allow Russia to evade existing ones through Ukraine, presents Angela Merkel’s likely successor as her first political hurdle.

The big story: racism is institutional in cricket – Rafiq

The accusations came very quickly, and so did the excitement. In an explosive hearing today, former Yorkshire County cricket club player Azeem Rafiq broke down in tears repeatedly as he described his “inhumane” racist treatment of the team. The former England Under-19 captain, who is of Pakistani descent, said he suffered continued abuse and thought of committing suicide. “I felt isolated, humiliated at times,” he said in a testimony that revealed how he and other Asian-born players were subjected to comments such as, “You sit there.” When Damian Green asked him if he thought cricket was institutionally racist, Rafiq replied, “Yes, yes.” Most graphic of all, he claimed that as an aspirant to a 15-year-old cricketer, he had been restrained as he poured red wine down his throat. In other explosive tests, Rafiq:

Read our full summary of his evidence amid a racism dispute that shook the sport and cost Yorkshire the right to host England internationals.

Rafiq’s voice cracked and he suppressed tears on several occasions. But he spoke with the Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sport with clarity and resolution for almost an hour and 40 minutes, interrupted only by a brief postponement when the excitement ran out. Parliamentary sketchwriter Tim Stanley noted the process and says many will wonder if Yorkshire does not need reforms, it is necessary to fumigate.

Liverpool attack: do immigrants pretend conversions?

As Liverpool continue to suffer the bombing of Remembrance Sunday, anti-terrorism police are examining the background of the man who blew himself up outside the city’s Women’s Hospital. Concern has been raised today about the possible role Liverpool Cathedral played in helping asylum seekers convert to Christianity to help with their applications. Hundreds of Muslims, including suicide bomber Emad Al Swealmeen, have been received at the Church of England in recent years after completing a short five-week course at the city’s Anglican Cathedral. Correspondent of the crime Martin Evans reports that critics have questioned how many of those who became have done so fraudulently to help their asylum applications with the Interior Ministry. While detectives are working to establish the motive for the attack, chief reporter Robert Mendick has the full minute-by-minute story of the day the terror hit Liverpool.

Carlos and Camilla visit the place of the baptism of Jesus

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall today dipped their fingers in the water of the sacred Jordan River, which serves to baptize babies of the royal family. As a Royal Correspondent Hannah Furness The couple reportedly visited one of Jordan’s most important religious sites and received the honor of descending to the riverbed to see the place where Christians believed Jesus Christ was baptized. Meanwhile, the queen gave a speech to bishops and clergy, delivered to the national assembly of the Church of England by the Earl of Wessex.

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Worldwide: Belarus “arms migrants”

Polish security forces have used water cannons and tear gas to disperse migrants across the border into Belarus after they were run over with grenades and stun stones in one of the worst violence since the border crisis began. The video shows migrants firing missiles over the fence separating the countries in the ranks of soldiers and police in riot gear, who responded with tear gas and thunderstorms. As the Polish Ministry of Defense stated that Belarus provided migrants with stun grenades, Matthew Day has our report from Warsaw.

Long reading Tuesday: The sun sets over 130 years of real Dutch history

For more than a century, Royal Dutch Shell has maintained historical ties with the royal family of the Netherlands. Those ties must be severely severed in favor of Britain. Matt Oliver explains why he is jumping ship. Read the article.

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