The prime minister proposes banning MPs as political consultants or pressure groups


oris Johnson proposed banning deputies from acting as paid political consultants or lobbyists while trying to curb awkwardness.

He said he had written to the Speaker of the Commons to propose that the Code of Conduct for MPs be updated.

Detailing his plans in a letter to Commons President Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the prime minister said they would ensure MPs who “neglect their duties to their constituents and prioritize external interests are properly investigated and punished by existing disciplinary authorities”.

“They would also ban MPs from exploiting their positions by acting as paid political consultants or lobbyists,” Johnson added.

He tweeted shortly after a motion, passed unanimously on Tuesday, implemented a U-turn of the Government on Owen Paterson’s line.

He revoked the so-called Leadsom amendment, which sought to establish a review of the MP standards investigation process to delay Mr Paterson’s suspension.

He also approved the report of the Committee on Standards of Commons which would suspend Mr. Paterson of Parliament for 30 days if he had continued as deputy.

He resigned as Conservative MP for North Shropshire after the Government backtracked in its attempt to delay its suspension and reform the rules process.

Attempts to silently back the control body’s report on common rules on Mr Paterson’s behavior were thwarted on Monday night as veteran Conservative Sir Christopher Chope opposed the move.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May speaks during debate on rules in the Commons (PA)

The former prime minister said it was clear that former MP Paterson had breached the lobby rules and that the MPs’ attempt “helped and instigated by the Government” to save him was “misplaced, misjudged and simply wrong”.

Ms May also suggested that ruling out the controversial proposed revision of standards that sparked the crisis was a “step in the right direction”.

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