The Bachelorette 2021 tonight LIVE: Michelle Young cries as Joe Coleman reveals basketball’s mental health struggles

Single Michelle Young broke down in tears when Joe Coleman revealed the mental health struggles stemming from his basketball career.

The group left California for their hometown of Minneapolis, where the favorite was awarded the first individual date of the night.

The two broke down in tears as Joe talked about the difficult time he went through to get out of his basketball career.

He commented that he had so many wounds, including a metal plate on his ankle, that his body “broke”.

Both Michelle and Joe cried as she commented on the impact it had on her mental health, as she “had no identity” outside of the sport.

Last week, favorite Nayte Olukoya got into a fight with Chris Sutton over spreading “lies”.

The two are seen confronting each other again in preview clips as Chris collides with Michelle and Nayte’s date.

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    After Michelle said in last week’s episode that the men “didn’t appreciate her,” the guys were in their A game this week, except for one person.

    “It’s nice to see everyone take what Michelle said seriously, except Chris.”

    Chris S. fed Michelle’s misinformation and caused drama at home.

    He is currently isolated from the rest of the group who seem to want nothing to do with him.


    Clayton was crowned the “definitive viking” for his group dating activity and admitted he was “looking at the ceiling” the night before nervously during the day.

    Michelle congratulated the Missouri piece for “being present” throughout the date.

    They returned to the hotel where they shared a sweet kiss while she admitted she “appreciated it a lot” that day.


    The men were assigned a series of tasks that traditional Vikings would do, such as eating fish brains.

    “I’ll die like this,” Chris asked sincerely.

    They also participated in intense arm wrestling and heavy trunk throwing.


    Michelle met the men in the middle of the giant NFL stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play.

    The men tried to get their protagonist’s attention while participating in a variety of Viking themed tasks.


    The Bachelorette star continued her deep conversation with Joe Chapman during a candlelit dinner in Minnesota.

    “I’m very proud of you for trusting me and opening up. So, Joe, will you accept this rose?” Michelle asked.

    “Yeah, absolutely,” Joe said with a huge smile before the pair closed their lips to become passionate.


    Michelle and Joe broke down in tears as she talked about the end of her basketball career.

    “The ball was life and then that life disappeared. I always had high standards but it wasn’t there,” he said as his performance began to decline over the years.

    He explained after multiple physical rehabilitation treatments: “I knew I had to finish and focus on what made me happy outside of basketball.

    “So much of my identity was around sports, it was like ‘who am I?’ I felt very lost. “


    Fans insisted that if Michelle “doesn’t finish” with any man in The Bachelorette, she should settle for an NBA star.


    Michelle greeted her group of men in Minnesota, but dropped a large bomb on them from the door.

    She revealed that her first date in Minnesota would be a one-on-one and that she would start “right now.”

    The ABC leader then sidelined Joe Chapman to have a romantic date.

    The other men felt they were “dirty” by being brought in to see Michelle just so she could pick Joe, who is from Minnesota, and send the others home.

    “It’s from here, so they definitely have that advantage for a stronger connection,” said one of his angry suitors.


    Michelle returned to her hometown of Minneapolis, where she gave a big smile as she said it was “so nice to be back.”

    “I grew up here, I played basketball here, I teach here. This is my home,” he said.

    The Bachelorette met her parents who are still married after more than 30 years.

    “I’m not going to settle. If it’s not what my parents have, I don’t want it,” Michelle said.

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