Sandymount residents come up with a new plan for the bike

Residents of Sandymount in Dublin have developed a new proposal that they hope could end the controversy over Dublin City Council’s plans to turn the road space into a cycling route.

Members of the STC – Serpentine Ave, Tritonville and Claremont Roads – Residents Group examined the need for a bike path and came up with what they hope would be a solution: put the bike path above the planned coastal defenses.

The group is now asking the City Council and the National Transportation Authority to participate in its new proposal, titled Sandymount Coastal Cycleway – The Way Forward.

At a public meeting on Thursday, the group said the plan had the support of the overwhelming majority of the communities of Sandymount, Merrion Road, Ringsend and Irishtown.

Dublin City Council had initially planned to convert what is now a two-way stretch of Strand Road to the gates of Merrion into a single exit lane with the other lane used as a two-way cycle path. It would have meant that some residents looking to go downtown by car would have to go south, before returning to the city. Residents also feared the effect of the traffic restriction on roads in and around Sandymount village.

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