Residents reveal Jeremy Clarkson’s plans after the village meeting

The 61-year-old TV presenter convened a meeting with local people at Chadlington Memorial Hall after there was “gossip” in the village about the future of the Diddly Squat farm shop.

At the hour-long meeting, which was open and only open to residents in the nearby village of Chadlington, residents said Clarkson expected half the shed to be a kitchen and half to be a restaurant area.

He added that it would be “cheaper” than nearby restaurants, which means people would pay about 60 euros for a meal for two.

Jeremy Clarkson with fans at Chadlington Memorial Hall, where he held a meeting with local residents over concerns about his Oxfordshire farm shop (PA video) / PA Wire

Apparently, Clarkson also told residents he hoped to curb the number of people visiting the store daily; has seen shoppers travel around the country and queue for hours to buy groceries such as candles, fresh milk and cheese.

He told the PA news agency: “Everything is subject to planning, so you still can’t promise anything, but you hope to change the lamb shed in a restaurant. We thought it would be for 150 (people) but you actually have 60 seats, and you’re trying control the number of people coming to the farm store in the future.

“It’s very expensive to sell your products, so you want to sell everything you can in the farm shop and in the restaurant.

“As expected, there were people who had very strong views anyway, people who had negative views did so more strongly. He gave his opinions for the future and that’s all we can really expect.”

It was great, it was very entertaining. A lot of people won completely

Moore added, “I’m nice. No one could dream it was such a successful series. I could never have predicted it. I think it will be good as long as it’s under control; I don’t want to stifle success.”

His teammate Maggie Jackman said, “It went really well, it was very entertaining. A lot of people won out completely.

“When we got to valid points about short- and long-term solutions, that’s when some very sensible ideas came up. So we just have to see the space.

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