Pubgoer “fights the plague of drunk sex” that “forced him into the bathroom”

Francesca Stracqualursi says she was in a bar in Walthamstow, London, when a “drunken sexual plague” broke into her bathroom before she could fight him and escape.

Francesca Stracqualursi said a man forcibly entered her cubicle in a pub
Francesca Stracqualursi said a man forcibly entered her cubicle in a pub

One woman says she was shocked after a “drunk sex plague” broke into her bathroom in an East London pub.

Francesca Stracqualursi, 42, said she was able to fight him and escape the bathroom after spending the night at Truman’s Social Club, a popular beer and microbrewery in Walthamstow.

She was with her husband and two friends, when the incident occurred after she went to the bathroom.

“Several of the cubicles were available, and I saw a man standing outside one of the cubicles,” Francesca told MyLondon.

“I didn’t really think about it; I assumed he was talking to a friend who was in the bathroom or waiting for his girlfriend.

Francesca said the man was drunk and could escape

“I went to the bathroom and someone started knocking and knocking on the door. I hurried and opened the door.

“He pushed me inside the cubicle and closed the door behind him.”

Francesca said she was panicking, but the man was so drunk she was able to pull him away and escape.

He then ran to the bar and reported the incident to the staff.

Truman’s Social Club is a popular brewery and microbrewery in Walthamstow



“When I came back safely, there were two women talking in the sink about how a young man had just tried to get into one of his cubicles,” Francesca explained.

“At that point I just wanted to go home, I already had enough.”

Francesca said she was impressed with how quickly Truman’s Social Club staff handled the problem and that the man was immediately evicted from the venue.

“I don’t want to put the accent on the drink, because drunkenness isn’t the problem. The problem is being a sexual plague, ”he said.

“People get drunk all the time and don’t harass or intimidate women.”

Francesca continued, “I think as a woman, you always ask yourself, do you think, ‘Am I overreacting? Am I doing too much with this? But you shouldn’t doubt me.”

To add fright to Francesca, when she left the bar she saw the man in front of her on the street with her friends.

“I was thinking,‘ Thank God I went out with my husband and my friends and I’m not going home alone.

“In what world do we live in which I have to be thankful that I am out with my husband instead of being alone? It seems like a step backwards. “

Francesca spoke to police and said they will take a formal statement from her on Wednesday.

“I used the online reporting tool and they called me in the next 15 minutes. They said what had happened was a very serious crime,” he said.

A spokesman for Truman’s Social Club said: “Our front and security team responded to this incident in a prompt, professional and appropriate manner in accordance with the processes and protocols we have in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests. And team members.

“Since the event we have spoken to the victim and the police and we will continue to provide all the support they need.

“The safety and well-being of all our guests is paramount and we are confident that we have all the necessary measures in place to ensure this.”

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