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Amid growing EU pressure on British overseas territory, Fabian Picardo has stated that Rock will continue to be part of the UK after Brexit. In light of negotiations with the EU on the functioning of the crucial border, Picardo insisted that Rock’s sovereignty will never be harmed. On the occasion of the celebration of Gibraltar National Day, Picardo said the territory will never “cede control” of its future to any foreign power.

He said: “On September 10, 1967 we made a choice.

“We chose to remain British. And today we commemorate and celebrate that election.

“As our ancestors said, we are clear.

“This land is our land. The land of Gibraltar belongs to no one but the people of Gibraltar.

“The land of Gibraltar will belong to no one but the people of Gibraltar.

“No one but the Gibraltarians will decide the future of this, our land.

“And we will never make or allow any concessions on our sovereignty.

“We will retain and maintain full jurisdiction and control over our land and every part of our sea and air.

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In March, Dominic Raab and Picardo agreed on a joint approach to negotiations on a new Gibraltar treaty between the EU and the UK.

In July, the European Commission adopted a recommendation for a Council decision authorizing the opening of negotiations for an EU-UK agreement on Gibraltar.

Picardo concluded: “We will be clear in that negotiation: we will only decide who enters or not Gibraltar.

“We will never cede that decision – making power to anyone.

“I will work every day, not just on National Day, to protect the people of Gibraltar, our land and our way of life.

“And to ensure that we protect our right to self-determination by making sure we turn the corner of COVID and Brexit and once again establish for our nation a course of guaranteed self-sufficiency.”

Following the release of the draft EU mandate, Raab claimed that Brussels was trying to undermine UK sovereignty.

In particular, the draft EU mandate gives Spain greater authority to implement and enforce certain provisions of the future agreement.

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