Dog owners urge to be on the lookout for thieves after mysterious stickers appear outside the houses United Kingdom | News

Dog owners across the UK have reported stickers appearing on their front doors, believing they may be marking their targets as targets for potential dog thieves. Small stickers appeared in Merseyside homes, with worried dog owners sharing the occurrences on social media groups.

According to HullLive, the owner of a dog shared a picture of the sticker, saying, “I waited with this on my doorstep this morning.

“I’ve never had anything like it before. Obviously I posted in the Crimewatch group just to see the pet owners and to see if anyone had a similar one.

“I’ve had some sarcastic comments but, as I said, I’m usually not one for all of this, but I find it a little weird.

“My two dogs are male, one is worth a lot.

“I just wanted to let people know here if there’s anything to worry about.”

The dog owner in question has now installed CCTV cameras outside his property as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, another dog owner in Birkenhead reported a similar incident, alerting other dog owners in the area on social media.

She said: “I really wanted to let people know before it’s too late. It’s disgusting how we have to live.

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Estimates indicate that seven dogs were stolen a day in 2020, an increase of 170 percent over 2019.

Due to the sharp increase in demand for puppies during the pandemic and the resulting rise in prices, criminals see dog theft as an easy way to make a lot of money.

A Blue Cross spokesman, who described the appearance of the stickers as “worrying”, told that popular breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs, are especially vulnerable to theft.

However, they said “dog thefts remain uncommon.”

In order to protect dog owners from theft, some of the charity’s tips included microchiping your dog, not putting the dog’s name on his collar, never leaving your dog unattended, and being on the lookout for strangers asking questions about them. .

They also suggested that dog owners avoid putting too much information about their dogs on social media, such as where they live and work.

According to the Metropolitan Police, if your dog is stolen, you should call the police, notify your council – as many still have dog guard services that find stray dogs – and contact the microchip database that has the data of your dog and update them on theft. .

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