Boris Johnson calls for a ban on MPs having a second job in the middle of Sleaze Row

Boris Johnson has proposed banning MPs from acting as paid political consultants or lobbyists, as Westminster’s allegations of dishonor continue to engulf the Conservative Party.

It was before the Commons vote on Wednesday, forced by Labor, to ban MPs from holding a second job.

The prime minister is still dealing with the aftermath of his failed attempt to prevent former minister Owen Paterson from being suspended from parliament for breaching lobbying rules.

It has led to a number of allegations that many Conservatives were devoting too much time to working outside of their duties as MPs to make extra money.

Announcing the measure on Tuesday afternoon in a letter to House Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, Johnson said the MPs’ code of conduct should be “updated.”

The prime minister said MPs who prioritize external interests over their constituents should be “properly investigated and punished”.

And he said the rules should be changed to ban incumbent MPs from being political consultants or pressure groups.

“The vast majority of MPs from all parties work tirelessly for their constituents,” he said.

“That is why it is imperative that we question the reputation of the House of Commons by ensuring that the rules that apply to MPs are up-to-date, effective and adequately rigorous.”

The government had previously defended the right of deputies to occupy a second job.

Johnson’s suggestion came moments before Keir Starmer began a press conference in which he outlined his own plan to quell Westminster’s mockery.

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