Azeem Rafiq gives heartbreaking testimony to racism in cricket

Rafiq first denounced racial harassment and intimidation against the county and accused them of institutional racism in September last year, with which the club began an investigation shortly afterwards.

They finally released a summary of the results in September this year, finding that “there was no doubt” that Rafiq had been subjected to racial harassment and intimidation. But no individual has faced disciplinary action.

Rafiq said all he wanted to do was play cricket and play with England, which he described as his “dream”.

“Very early on, me and other people of Asian descent … there were comments like‘ you will sit there near the toilets ’,‘ elephant washers ’,” he told MPs.

“The word P *** was used constantly. And there just seemed to be an acceptance in the institution by the leaders and no one ever removed it.”

He claimed on a 2017 preseason tour that Captain Gary Ballance had racially abused him.

“We were in a place and Gary Ballance approaches and says,‘ Why are you talking to him? You know it’s a P *** ‘. This happened in front of classmates. It happened in front of the coaching staff. “

Former English hitter Ballance has admitted to using a “racial insult” towards Rafiq in a lengthy statement issued earlier this month, apologizing but framing him as part of a long and deep friendship.

Rafiq told the committee that that was not an accurate description of their relationship, saying it went down from 2013 and became toxic in 2017.

He also said the term “Kevin” was used to describe anyone of color in a “very derogatory way” which was an “open secret in the dressing room of England”.

Rafiq said the problem in Yorkshire was replicated “across the country” and at one point the committee was forced to take a break as it was visibly moved.

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